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Introducing Immortal Glory

We’re excited to announce our next game – Immortal Glory. Immortal Glory is a game where players control teams of fighters, the Chosen, and do battle with one another. Each time you play a new set of adversaries await, and a new team of Chosen are ready for your commands. Immortal Glory is a game […]

ProtoDeck Screenshot


Just a quick post on this Sunday evening to let you know we’re going to be introducing some new game-development stuff to the site. That starts tonight with a public Beta of our own internal tool we use in prototyping called ProtoDeck. It’s a simple script that takes a CSV definition of a deck and […]

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Some of you may recall all the way back when we were still running our campaign (back when time was still young…), we made a simple bet. A bet on which day we would reach our funding goals. Once we reached funding, we added to that initial bet, and things… got out of hand. As […]


The Evolution of Zombies

The Zombies, and the Zombie-player’s gameplay have changed (thankfully) over the course of Quarantine Z’s development. I’ll try and include pictures where I can dig up photos, but sadly I was not as fastidious as I could have been over the course of development and many of the cards have been lost. I’ll be looking […]


Cooperation, Game Theory and the Survivor’s Dilemma

Recently, we’ve started to see a lot more cooperative games. Video games frequently incorporate a co-op mode these days, whereas they used to be few and far between. One of the big developments is the addition of cooperative board games like Pandemic, Arkham Horror and Castle Panic. That being said, these games generally have some […]


QZ Custom Dice

We’re super excited to share with you the first images of our custom dice. These babies are high-quality custom-engraved Gemeni D6 from Chessex, in 4 different colors — green, blue, purple, and red — one for each Survivor (sorry Zombie, no dice for you). I’m not going to wax poetic about them, instead, I’ll let […]


Zombie! Weekend

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to attend Zombie! by a group called Last Games. It was a 24 hour live Zombie event complete with Nerf guns, boffer weapons, and lots of makeup and fake blood. The first few hours of the event were enough to make us woefully overconfident in ourselves and our […]


Blog is Live!

Our Developers Blog is now up and live. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting in posts letting you know how things are going, what’s going on with us, and we’ll be showing you a bit of what’s behind the curtain. (For example: I’m working on a post detailing all the various versions that […]


Beta 1.0 Launched

We’ve updated the print and play decks and rules that are available at our home page to reflect the improvements that we’ve made from our play-testing and play-tester responses. Some things that we’ve added: More Barricades: We loved how the Barricade played, but were disappointed there was only one. We talked to a guy and […]


Kickstarter Launched!

After much sweat, tears, and tribulations we have finally gotten our Kickstarter up and launched. There were some challenges with the process that we hadn’t foreseen, the 250Mb limit on video files forced us to shorten our pitch video (we had a super-campy Zombie Attack scene, it was going to be glorious), we learned how […]